Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Please and Thank You

There’s a certain comfort level that comes from being in a relationship with someone for a while.  You get in a steady groove and you begin to anticipate the other’s habits, nuances and innuendos.  However, with that comfort level also comes a tendency to take one another for granted.  Because you know that she always washes the laundry on Saturdays or because you know he will keep your car maintenance up-to-date, there becomes a level of familiarity and expectation.  While it is certainly comforting to know that our mates will take care of certain things for us, it is vitally important that we show our appreciation for what they’re doing even if we do expect it. Everyone likes to know that they are appreciated for their efforts, although it's something that they do on the regular.  This is what I want to offer to you: “Please” and “Thank You” can go a long, long way.  Not only does it convey your gratitude, but it encourages your Honey to keep on keeping on.  So the next time he takes your car for an oil change, tell him, “Thank You,” and add a little sugar on top  ‘Cause, after all, Marriage Ain’t for Wimps!

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