Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More than Just a Day

This week many will celebrate Valentine’s Day, a holiday that has been set aside to show love and appreciation of another. I think that is all fine and good, but I have several concerns. However, I am only going to address them to the married folks. First of all, if we're waiting for this one day to express our "love" for our spouse, then, "Houston, we have a problem." Love, in its purest definition is based in selflessness and service. Many people, married folks included, get caught up in the hype. They consider it another day to "get" something.  Much like Christmas, they are focused on the gifts and not the intent. So if you and your honey have been bickering, disconnected, lacking communication and intimacy, what good is dinner and chocolate? This is my challenge to you: As you celebrate love this week, take some time to examine what that really means for the two of you. If there's been a disconnect somewhere, focus on repairing the breach. If there is more that you desire out of the relationship, discuss it. Make a concerted effort, also, to be attentive to their needs, desires and concerns. It is in this way that you're building a foundation of real love and you'll realize that it is about more than just a day. After all, Marriage Ain't for Wimps!

To Marriage with Love,