Monday, March 5, 2012

Marriage Tip: Grow Up

Navigating interpersonal relationships can be challenging, especially marital ones.  Close relationships breed the potential for hurt and offense.  Marriages are no different. The key to understand is that, as you grow together, you should mature and not be so easily offended by your mate.  If they had a bad day and said something flippantly, or didn't respond favorably to your request or forgot your anniversary, learn to get over it.  Address it, if necessary, and simply move on.  Offenses may come in relationships, but “babies” bicker.  Grown folks discern the seasons, deal with it and keep it moving.  It's time for us to stop getting tripped up over the little things in our marriages.  It's time to GROW UP. Marriage Ain't for Wimps!

To Marriage With Love,