Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marriage Tip: Learn to Discern

There will be many instances in your relationship where you have something important that you need to share with your spouse.  And because of its perceived importance, you may blurt out the information without carefully assessing their mood, mental state or disposition.  If you want the information that you're sharing to take precedence and spur action, you've got to learn to discern the right timing to share that information.  Bombarding your spouse with details about the kitchen sink overflowing when he first walks into the door after a long day at work is probably not a good idea.  And asking your wife where the ketchup is when she's having some "she time" will probably not be received well.  My point is that if we want to increase the effectiveness of our communication with our spouse, we have to convey our messages when they will be best received.  I'm not giving you a license to withhold vital information.  I'm just admonishing you to use wisdom when sharing that information.  Our goal is to increase the value of our communication, thus increasing our intimacy. After all, marriage is a skilled sport and it definitely ain't for wimps!

To Marriage With Love,


  1. Another good post, and I have to second that, "it definitely ain't for wimps"!

  2. Thanks! Stay encouraged, sistah!