Monday, April 9, 2012

Marriage Tip: Open Your Mouth!

Communication is the oxygen of your marriage.  If you want or need something from your spouse, open your mouth and use your words.  The life of your marriage depends on it!

To Marriage With Love,


  1. Seem like we never say the right things so sometimes we rather say nothing. The more we seek God on it the worse off it gets so...sometimes it's best 4 me 2 hush.

  2. I totally understand...believe me, I've been there. While there are certainly times when we need to give each other the gift of silence, it should be used with wisdom. Not saying something because the timing isn't right vs. not saying something because you haven't quite figured out the skills to effectively communicate to one another are two, totally different things. The reality is that if you don't develop the skill of communication in marriage, a wedge will form in the relationship and make it much more difficult to relate to one another. My advice is to practice, practice, practice. It can be very difficult and may even seem unproductive, at times. But the more you do it, the better you will get at it. Happy chatting!

  3. I'm glad I found your blog. I hate being married yet my husband is not abusive, not an adulterer and only smokes cigarettes so he's not an addict. We've been living off of my income for nearly 4 years' and I'm just tired. I'm not a wimp though and doing my best just to hang in there...

  4. I can certainly appreciate your feelings of hating to be married. Sometimes when our situation is less than ideal, it makes us feel like we would be better off single. Also, sometimes our expectations of how a marriage should be can further feed into our displeasure. When I'm struggling with the lack of marital bliss, I go back to the core reasons as to why I love my husband. After years of bills and jobs and life and responsibility, sometimes that good luvin' feelin' can seem to dissipate. My encouragement to you would be to seek counsel. Even if you have to do it by yourself, at first. It will help you get to the root of your feelings. You were created to live an abundant life. You should not be just hanging in there. You have to decide that you're in it to win it. And since you're not a wimp, you have to be willing to do more than hang in there; You have to be willing to fight! You owe it to yourself & you owe it to your marriage. Blessings!