Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marriage Ain't for Wimps!

Several months ago it was placed on my heart to write some words of admonishment to married folks. After hearing about several high-profile divorces in the media as well as in ministry, it really started to get under my skin. Not to mention hearing about the divorces of everyday people as well, I started to get more than a little irritated. Not because I don’t understand, but because I do understand. You see, I’ve been married for 15 years and it hasn’t been a Gravy Train Rolling on Biscuit Wheels. No ma’am! It’s been hard and harder, but we’re both committed to the union and I think that’s half of the battle.

This blog series will not be your typical “Just-pray-and-everything-will-work-out” discourse. Nope! I will talk about some very real issues facing us in marriage. But more importantly, I will offer some practical solutions so that you will realize that although marriage can be (and will be) challenging, you and your mate can live victoriously together. I entitled it “Marriage Ain’t for Wimps” because I think we often buy into the fairy tale of what marriage is supposed to be like and then when we’re given a one-two punch, we’re a little stunned and disillusioned and want to run away and start over with a sparkling, brand-new model. Well, here’s the reality: There are going to be a lot of issues that are going to come up in your marriage that are going to throw you for a loop. It’s inherent in the institution. It’s normal. I believe once we understand that, we will be better equipped to tackle them and live a fulfilled life in a fulfilled marriage. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some real deal-breakers that come up and I’m not advocating that you endure abuse. But what I am saying is that you seriously consider the covenant you made with your spouse and see if it’s worth fighting for.

I understand that this series won’t appeal to everyone. And that’s okay. But I think there are enough of us who can be encouraged enough to make a stronger commitment to a better marriage. And even if your marriage is near-perfect, I understand that it does not get that way or stay that way without real effort, so you may be able to benefit, as well.

So, stay tuned for the first installment of the “Marriage Ain’t for Wimps” Series entitled, “What’s Love Got to Do With it?”

To Marriage with Love,
Inspired Sistah

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